Hep C Calculator

The Hep C Calculator was developed by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, with the support of WHO and UNITAID. It is an interactive tool which evaluates the cost-effectiveness of DAAs for the treatment of hepatitis C and enables you to assess different scenarios for 28 countries.

Video: Different financing mechanisms for viral hepatitis programmes

The video of this session from the World Hepatitis Summit 2017, includes presentations which explore potential hepatitis financing mechanisms that will be required for countries to launch, accelerate and sustain public health responses to viral hepatitis. Many of the mechanisms discussed are also featured throughout the website.

Video: Financing for sustainability

This video features a series of presentations given at the World Hepatitis Summit in 2017 which address the sustainable financing of a hepatitis programme within a whole health systems approach.

WHS: SD4 financing presentation

This presentation was given by Charles Gore, President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, 2007-2017, at the World Hepatitis Summit 2017 when he launched the website. It sets out a strategic approach to financing hepatitis and is a useful summary of the website.

Published 2017