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The WHO Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis, 2016-2021, sets out the global cost of elimination, an investment which will be cost-saving in the medium term for most countries. A total of  USD $3.5 billion per year on average in new investments will be required by 135 low and middle income countries in order to reach elimination. While this figure is significant, in comparison South Africa spent more than USD $3 billion on the 2010 World Cup and India spent USD $4.1 billion on the 2010 Commonwealth Games.  


Financing should not be a barrier to developing and implementing a national viral hepatitis programme that has an explicit goal of elimination. The purpose of this template is to give national governments a guide on how to adopt a strategic approach to costing and financing their viral hepatitis programme. It will explore each of the following steps which are required as part of a comprehensive financing process with particular emphasis on financing strategies: