National Viral Hepatitis Programme Financing Strategy Template


Globally 325 million people are living with hepatitis B and hepatitis C but, despite the fact that the solutions to eliminate these infectious diseases exist, efforts to implement them at scale are only just beginning. Many countries now have or are developing national plans but funding for these is proving to be a significant barrier.

Countries faced with the challenge of how to fund their national viral hepatitis programme may want to consider this within the framework of Universal Health Coverage and extend their current coverage to include hepatitis, reach those not currently covered and reduce cost sharing and fees to the patient.

For countries who have not yet reached Universal Health Coverage, or who are not able to fund all the areas of their programme in this way , they may want to consider catalytic financing sources, such as the options below. These decisions can best be made by taking a strategic approach to financing. This website provides a template to help countries take that strategic approach.